Teeth removal

At our clinic, though we do our best to save every tooth we can, unfortunately this is not always possible. In some cases, it is necessary to remove the tooth. Naturally this procedure is carried out painlessly, after receiving anesthetic.

Teeth removal

Teeth and root removal

If it hasn't been possible to remove the tooth through a conventional procedure, an oral surgery procedure is required. In some cases, we need to remove the root of a tooth. For example, if there is a root remaining after an earlier tooth removal, or if the teeth are tilted towards the root and constricting space.


Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth often emerge in the wrong position. This can sometimes lead to painful inflammation of the gum pockets. Wisdom tooth decay is also common. Abnormal protrusion of wisdom teeth can lead to congestion and biting problems for the teeth in front of them.


Removal of broken teeth

Sometimes some teeth are unable to or only partially emerge through the gums. These teeth can cause inflammation and cysts.

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