Lifestyle change programs

If you want to protect your health, it is vital to have a lifestyle which is right for you and that has a beneficial effect on your body.

Lifestyle change programs

It is worth speaking to a professional about your lifestyle, particularly if you find that you need to make a comprehensive change to the way you live. When somebody decides to make a big change in their life, it's essential to get the opinion of a medical professional, because any major adjustment to your lifestyle is influenced by a range of different medical factors. With their in-depth knowledge of the human body, RMC Clinics's expert doctors will develop an effective, healthy lifestyle plan that is personally tailored to the individual patient.

At our clinic, we offer several different medical-based programs to help people lose weight or change their lifestyle.

Weight loss programs: 

RMC COMPLEX DIET PROGRAM - Directed by Dr Éva Bajnok, specialist in endocrinology and bariatric (weight loss) medicine. Our complex program is designed for people who want to lose weight with the assistance of an expert team and constant support.

60-DAY LIFESTYLE CHANGE PROGRAM - Dr Éva Bajnok, specialist in endocrinology and bariatric (weight loss) medicine. This easy-to-follow program is designed for people who would like to reduce their weight and maintain it in the long term.

RMC PREGNANCY DIET PROGRAM - Supervised by Dr Viktor Vass, internist, diabetologist and endocrinologist. Our program for expectant mums helps you decide on and then achieve a healthy body weight that will bring benefits for both the baby and the mother. 

BODY TREATMENT PROGRAM – directed by Dr Kitti Farkas. Dr Kitti Farkas’s personalized program is built around a product line developed by a Swedish research team that makes losing weight easier and more effective. 

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