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Teach your children to brush their teeth and love doing it! Part 2
2017. June 23.
In the first part of our blog series we summarized the most important aspects of brushing your teeth. We told you about how and when to start dental care for children and the best technique. In the...
Teach your children to brush their teeth right and love doing it! Part 1
2017. June 23.
Unfortunately, brushing teeth is not most children’s favorite activity, and it can be a real struggle to make sure they do it regularly. Parents can, however, encourage their children to enjoy...
Do you know what a healthy stool looks like? Listen up and we’ll tell you!
2017. June 01.
Do you ever take a look at your stools after going to the toilet? If not, you’re making a big mistake. The consistency and color of your poop can tell you a lot about the workings of your body and...