It is extremely important that prenatal examinations are completed at the appropriate time. Please keep to your appointments to ensure that care at the Fetal Medicine Center can be provided as normal.

Face-to-face care is provided with the highest level of safety. We have implemented a strict procedure at the clinic in light of the epidemic. You can find more information about this at the link below. More >>

Our institution is a center offering international-standard, full-range fetal screening and diagnostic services, which in addition to high-resolution, general ultrasound tests, provides expectant mothers and their care providers with special cardiovascular screening, DNA and chromosomal tests, as well as genetic counseling.

International data indicate that the heart is the organ most frequently affected by fetal developmental defects, while a great percentage of the most common chromosomal disorders (Down-, Edwards-, and Patau syndromes) are accompanied by heart defects. Of centers in Hungary, our institution has the most experience with early heart exams, which we have been conducting routinely since 2010 with a team whose effectiveness is on the world’s cutting edge.

We offer comprehensive fetal screening tests at three times, in the 12th week, the 20th week and the 30th week. The three exams together provide the expectant parents with the most thorough anatomical, genetic, and fetal status screening.

The exams are conducted by doctors trained and registered by the FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation London), whose activities are monitored and audited by the organization annually.

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