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Pre-birth assessment

The baby’s status is determined using the following tests:

Pre-birth assessment

During this screening, the baby's general well-being and state of health is examined by assessing nutritional and oxygen supply and their rate of development:

  • Measurement of the baby’s head, waist and long, tubular bones, as well as an estimation of the baby’s weight
  • Examination of the baby’s movements
  • Examination of the location and appearance of the womb
  • Determination of the quantity of amniotic fluid
  • Examination of baby’s brain and fetal circulation, assessment on supply of oxygen and nutrition to the baby
  • Assessment of central nervous system by examining cerebral structures, fluid spaces and gray matter
  • Examination of renal and urinary systems to rule out late-onset dilatations, stenoses and structural abnormalities in the kidneys
  • Examination of gastrointestinal tract to exclude late-onset intestinal stenoses and occlusions
  • Examination of the heart and large vessels to rule out late-onset vasoconstriction.


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