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Prices and Pricing System

The vast majority of fetuses are healthy and show no abnormality on ultrasound. Nevertheless, all of our screening tests are extremely comprehensive and detailed because we believe it’s important to know.

Prices and Pricing System

Reassuring the mother that her fetus is all right is just as important to us as helping anxious expectant mums with mild or severe ultrasound abnormalities by providing them with differential diagnostic knowledge and sufficient time for the examination. For these reasons, we usually inform our patients of a 'from-to' price range for our services. The amount paid by our patients at the end of the visit – based on an ethical pricing scheme – depends to a large extent on the professional significance of any discrepancy discovered, the need for documentation and consultation, and the nature of any legal liability incurred.


For information purposes, please find below the 'from-to' price of the three main trimester screening tests:


First trimester comprehensive screening: Single pregnancy: HUF 88,400-123,400; Pregnancy with twins: HUF 91,500-139,500

Second trimester comprehensive screening: Single pregnancy: HUF 78,500-120,600; Pregnancy with twins: HUF 98,000-142,500

Third trimester comprehensive screening: Single pregnancy: HUF 59,200-101,300; Pregnancy with twins: HUF 73,700-118,200


Why do I have to pay more for the second genetic ultrasound screening if the first trimester screening was carried out at another institution?

Our institute operates a healthcare system that complies with the highest international standards, in addition to Hungarian protocols. Our principle is that if you turn to our institution for a professional opinion on your pregnancy (whether a first or second opinion) at any time during your pregnancy, your professional care should not be of a lower standard than that of someone whose pregnancy has been monitored and analyzed at RMC from the outset. The stringent professional protocol used in our institute requires a different level of medical legal responsibility and investment of care and energy for any patients that we have not treated throughout the pregnancy. The methodologies detailed below make this type of consultation more costly.

Dispatch service, reception, booking appointments:

Registration of patients, mapping the reason for the requested examination, provision of information to pregnant women visiting our institution for the first time for a genetic ultrasound.

At our institute, patient care never starts with the ultrasound scan itself. Instead, we begin with a detailed mapping of the patient's medical history taken by the assistant (requesting information about current and previous pregnancies, noting their family medical history, organizing preliminary findings published in another institution, non-pregnancy-related medical history data, medications, family aspects, etc.).

Ultrasound with a specialist doctor

A second trimester genetic screening inevitably relies on the results of the first trimester test. Because in other institutions, a routine extended screening – which includes detailed anatomical and early cardiac examination of the fetus in addition to the risk assessment of chromosomal abnormalities – is rarely performed, we carry out the scan in line with our protocol, as the first trimester screenings performed in other institutes are of a less comprehensive nature.

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