About care provided

Prescribing regularly taken medications

We write our patients prescriptions for medications they take on a regular basis without an appointment, provided that one of our doctors prescribed the medication previously, and the patient requests it within the time frame determined in the doctor’s recommendation.  You can indicate your prescription request to our receptionists on our main number, at which time we ask that you indicate whether you would like to pick the prescription up in person, or receive it by mail. We check requests according to our professional protocol, then the specialist writes the prescription.  If there is a professional reason that the request cannot be fulfilled, our nurses will call you to discuss what to do next.

Certain examinations can only be conducted at a doctor’s recommendation

Certain diagnostic tests can only be conducted at a doctor’s recommendation, in order to provide our patients with professional and safe care. If you request a test that was not preceded by a visit with an RMC doctor, please bring a written recommendation or medical chart from your general practitioner or treating physician, based on which we can conduct the examination.

Exams that can be conducted with a doctor’s recommendation:

  • Blood and other lab tests
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Chest x-ray
  • EKG



Vaccinations for new patients can only be given during a doctor visit. If you have already been here and are only coming for a vaccination, our assistants will administer the vaccination as part of a nurse visit.