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About care provided

About care provided

Prescribing regularly taken medications

We also prescribe regular medication for our patients outside of consultations, if our clinic's specialist has prescribed it and if it is requested within the time specified in their medical recommendations. Requests for a prescription can be submitted to our central number, to our reception staff, or to the email address We will check the requirements based on our professional protocol, and then our specialist can write the prescription. If we cannot fulfill the request for professional reasons, our nurses will call you to inform you of what to do next.

Certain examinations can only be conducted at a doctor’s recommendation

Certain diagnostic tests can only be conducted at a doctor’s recommendation, in order to provide our patients with professional and safe care. If you request a test that was not preceded by a visit with an RMC doctor, please bring a written recommendation or medical chart from your general practitioner or treating physician, based on which we can conduct the examination.

Exams that can be conducted with a doctor’s recommendation:

  • Blood and other lab tests (excluding annual screening tests, blood type testing, basic or complete routine)
  • Chest x-ray
  • ECG


Vaccinations for new patients can only be given during a doctor visit. If you have already been here and are only coming for a vaccination, our assistants will administer the vaccination as part of a nurse visit.

Optimal care based on the senior-junior medical principle

During certain consultations, such as those performed by the Center for Fetal Medicine or the IC Center, our senior doctors use the internationally recognized senior-junior procedure to support the younger doctors in our institute to extend their expertise. This means that both the senior and junior doctor will deal with the patients during the examination. Both of them will devote enough time to answering the patient's questions and taking into account any needs that arise. This methodology provides even more optimal care and gives our patients even more opportunities to get answers to their important questions.

Access health services with the help of an interpreter

Our services are available through an interpreter as follows:

  • Japanese interpreter:
    • Edina Matsuzaki: +36 30 941 6905
    • Bernadett Wakai: +36 20 238 3642
  • Korean interpreter:
    • Son Ju Yeun: +36 70 931 4659
    • Petra Lőrincz: +36 70 931 4656

Any questions before booking an appointment?

If you are unsure which doctor to see or what examination you require, we are here to help!

Simply request a free callback from one of our colleagues, who will help you find the right specialist based on your specific issue.

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