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About Us

RMC Clinics provides a full spectrum of outpatient care and offers same-day surgical procedures. RMC was established in 2001 with 3 medical specialties. We now see our patients in an office of 1000 square meters, with 100 physicians representing 60 medical specialties.

About Us

Our outstandingly qualified doctors have experience abroad; they participate in trainings regularly, and present and publish worldwide, almost without exception. As an institution providing highest-standard medical care, we treat our patients based on the latest, evidence-based international guidelines.

We have modern, cutting-edge technology on site (X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, ECG stress test, endoscope, laboratories etc.) which provides a wide range of diagnostic methods. Our operating room for same day surgeries has state-of-the-art equipment. Patients can rest in our comfortable recovery rooms after surgery.

We at RMC feel that primary care is so much more than just writing prescriptions and ordering tests. It is our priority to focus on our patients as a whole (not only on symptoms), since this complex view enables better medical care. We aim to be a long-term partner to our patients in medicine and health maintenance, as well. In addition to the highest quality professional care, what is necessary for this is attention, enough time, and a patient-physician relationship based on partnership and trust.

We would like to implement this idea in a way that makes patients glad to come into our office, because of its calm, quiet, tension-free atmosphere. That is what we work for every day.

What else can you expect from?

  • Highest standard patient care: cutting edge medicine with experienced doctors.
  • Pleasant, stress-free care: our physicians are not “white coats”; we aim to provide patient care based on collaboration.
  • Company leadership based on professional medical characteristics: The owners of our office are (full time) physicians at RMC, who make sure that professionalism comes first in company-related decisions.
  • Closely collaborating team of doctors: It is the basis of our operation that patients do not come to the private practice of 100 different specialists, but to a team of closely collaborating doctors. If patient care requires it, more specialists are involved.
  • Doctors with international experience: Knowledge of the English language, experience gained abroad, and practicing international, evidence-based methods are all things we expect and require of our doctors. We have 9 U.S.-trained doctors, making us unique in Hungary.
  • Fast access to appointments, diagnostic tests and treatments
  • Full internist, pediatrician and dentist care provided during office hours: Same-day care in acute cases, immediate care in urgent cases.
  • Long office hours: Weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.
  • Quality management: Our patients’ satisfaction is our priority; for that reason, we monitor primary care daily with a strict multi-level quality operating system. If our patient was not completely satisfied with our service, the leaders of our office investigate all details of the issue.
  • Direct billing to many international insurance companies: As courtesy to you, we arrange insurance matters.

Any questions before booking an appointment?

If you are unsure which doctor to see or what examination you require, we are here to help!

Simply request a free callback from one of our colleagues, who will help you find the right specialist based on your specific issue.

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