At our clinic, you can pay after the medical examination in cash or by credit card, in which case you can take advantage of our cash disount prices. You may also settle your bill later by bank transfer or through your insurance company. In the latter case, we ask for the full price of the service. For certain services (e.g. online visit, Covid tests, prescriptions etc.) we require a prepayment, which you can make on our website as part of the booking process.

You can view the pricing details of the Fetal Medicine Center at the link below.

You can read more about this in our General Terms and Conditions.

The cost of any other service not included in the price list (such as those related to delivery services or international imports of pharmaceuticals) must be arranged in advance.

Prescriptions are generally issued as e-prescriptions. If the patient insists on a paper-based prescription and is unable to collect it in person, we will use a courier service, the fee for which will be charged to the patient. It is not possible to send prescriptions by conventional mail for security reasons.

For English language service „Additional doctor and nurse fee” as listed will be charged.

For any service that is not found on our price list, the parties in question should agree upon a fee separately (e.g. courier service for delivering medicine.)

RMC Clinics is an outpatient clinic strictly applying American and Western European medical standards. Our services are provided by doctors trained in some of the leading medical institutions in Western Europe and the United States.

Examination fees do not include fees for any other examinations or tests that may become necessary, about which our doctors and assistants can give you exact information to help you decide whether you wish to have us do them for you.  

If a patient would like lab tests (excluding annual screening tests, blood type testing, basic or complete routine), ECG or X-ray examinations, to protect their health we require a written request from our own doctors or an external doctor.

Prices are for informational purposes and we reserve the right to change prices. 

Direct billing of the leading foreign health insurance companies is a great help for our expatriate patients. To see a list of contracted insurance companies please follow this link.

Our prices grouped by our specialities are listed as full prices.

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