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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is concerned with recognizing and treating internal disease throughout the entire body.

Internal Medicine

It is a multifaceted field comprised of several subfields that have specialized from Internal Medicine, such as Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology, and Cardiology. It’s a good idea to turn to an internist not only when you want to overcome a seasonal illness, but also to consider them as someone who helps you maintain good general health. An internist oversees personalized preventive screening tests from year to year, helping us develop a healthy lifestyle with good advice and monitoring our results and therapies.

When should you turn to an internist?

  • With general symptoms, such as fatigue, paleness, weakness, feeling generally unwell
  • If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol
  • With acute illnesses or illnesses involving fever or viral symptoms
  • Stomach complaints, reflux
  • For an individualized screening program and lifestyle program for chronic diseases that have not yet appeared, but of which there is a family history
  • For the examination of a complex problem (compiling the scheduling of examinations, coordinating, and assembling the examinations)
  • General status assessment: annual complex internal medicine screening with lab tests
  • Prevention: every 2 years up to age 40, over 40 annually due to the screening program containing specific examinations based on sex and age
  • Life management and nutritional advice Immunization: prior to travel to non-European countries, prior to seasonal illnesses such as influenza
  • Examination prior to surgeries
  • Management of serial intravenous treatments
  • Minor injuries

Examinations and therapies available at our clinic:

  • Physical examination
  • Full lab tests: blood, urine, and stool tests
  • Non-stress ECG (stress ECG tests are conducted by cardiologists)
  • Influenza quick test ABPM – 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and evaluation
  • Helicobacter pylori test
  • Hydrogen breath test
  • Serial intravenous treatments, which our patients receive in our comfortable recliners
  • Medical eligibility examinations (driving license, sailing, possession of weapon)

RMC health maintenance screening packages

We pay special attention to regularly screening of our patients’ health, and we believe that prevention is of key importance to health maintenance. For this reason, we have developed our health maintenance program, which contains the necessary screening examinations according to age group, sex and related risk factors. We developed our screening programs based on American guiding principles, which include the highest-standard Internal Medicine consultations and physical examinations, risk assessment and counseling, lab and screening tests, as well as health-maintenance and life management counseling.


  • We really appreciate the fact that during a difficult illness, we FINALLY found a clinic and a doctor that provided real and honest answers to our long-unanswered questions. Thank you!
    31-year-old  male patient
  • By now, I am relaxed by Doctor Bátai's smile and voice. I see him once a year, but every time he is kind, smiling and patient. His assistant is a kind, smiling lady. She has my full respect in both professional terms and as a person.
    43-year-old  mother
  • Doctor Bátai could serve as an example for all other doctors not just in terms of his professional expertise, but also how he communicates his knowledge to the patient, and how he speaks to his patients.
    45-year-old  IT manager
  • Doctor Bátai's expertise and thoroughness are without parallel. I was completely satisfied. Thank you very much!
    40-year-old  Banker
  • Dr Baló explained everything. He was helpful, thorough and kind but also very definite. I was fully satisfied in every way. I would also highlight the attitude of his assistant too. She was kind, smiling, professionally prepared and did a good job with taking my blood.
    47-year-old  female patient
  • For me, going to see Doctor Bodnár is a secure point and has a really calming effect. On each occasion she is indescribably attentive, confident in her professional knowledge and kind. I have always heartily recommended her, and will continue to do so.
    38-year-old  male patient
  • Doctor Vass was very kind, and together with his nurse answered all my questions and examined everything possible.
    41-year-old  female patient
  • In the current situation, it really helps if you can ask the doctor about preventative measures during the pandemic. She was happy to reply and was very clear, which is really positive.
    37-year-old  male patient
  • I chose the doctor based on her professional expertise, but her thoroughness and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. I was perfectly satisfied with her and also her assistant. With 'perfect' being the operative word.
    43-year-old  Teacher
  • Doctor Wágner is great expert, everything was professional. Polite, kind, thoughtful.
    39-year-old  male patient
  • This is what we want to expect from our healthcare, as the patient feels as though they are given their full attention. This makes it easy to combat any difficulties. Thank you!
    49-year-old  male patient
  • I was seen by Dr László Wágner (a lady called Dalma was helping), and both the doctor and the lady were extraordinarily polite, kind, helpful and extremely thorough. I am incredibly grateful to them!
    46-year-old  female patient
  • Thank you very much for everything. I came for an endoscopy under anesthesia. The whole team worked together, the smiling, kind receptionists, and the professionalism and kindness of the doctors and assistants all meant that the procedure was a positive experience for me. Everybody paid lots of attention to me, and I felt as though everything was about me! It was really good, and I will continue to recommend RMC to everybody.
    32-year-old  female patient
  • Thank you very much. My mother was in good hands, and even though it was an uncomfortable examination, she still said it was a positive experience.
    35-year-old  male patient
  • Perfect – it literally could not have been better. It was great, especially as previously I had just had a very disappointing experience with a hematologist at another clinic. From now on, if I'm in Hungary I will definitely go to see Dr Batai at RMC. I would also like to thank the administrative team – they were able to answer my medical questions quickly and effectively, and they were able to help me choose the right doctor on that basis. Always helpful, kind and efficient. Superb!
    47-year-old  male patient
  • The doctor was incredibly kind and helpful, and I will see her myself if I have any similar problems.
    54-year-old  female patient
  • I would especially like to highlight the kindness, attention and thoroughness of Dr Katona and his assistance. I am really satisfied with the examination and the care provided.
    47-year-old  male patient
  • It's possible that I met the kindest doctor in my life. I had never experienced such attention, empathy and care. I wasn't able to book an appointment, it wasn't visible in the system, but the ladies at reception did everything they could to find me one, and reassured me that everything would be fine. If a doctor or clinic are so attentive and thorough, then you are halfway to recovery already. And I say that completely seriously. Thank you!
    42-year-old  female patient
  • I am always anxious before any medical examination, but the doctor calmed me down with his amazing empathy and attentiveness. He explained everything in detail. Thank you for your help! Everyone was very kind!
    55-year-old  male patient
  • Dr Endre Szabó provided all assistance and support to help me feel like a true client, and gave me advice for the future. I experienced an outstanding level of care, and the work of the assistants played a big part in that. Thank you for the treatment, which relieved my issue, and I wish you well in your future work.
    41-year-old  male patient
  • Very good service! Doctor Bodnár was very kind and helpful to answering all my questions. Thank you so much to her and RMC for this good medical visit experience!
    52-year-old  female patient
  • I have been coming to RMC for several years now and I am very happy that Eszter Bodnár has started working again. I always feel in safe hands with her. Thank you for everything to Doctor Bodnár, she is a super skilled doctor and a great person.
    67-year-old  male patient
  • Very happy with my visit and with Dr Bodnar! She is the best!
    36-year-old  female patient

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