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We perform many kinds of lab test at our clinic: quick tests that give an immediate result, general blood and urine analysis tests, and diagnostic analyses connected with specific genetic or other disorders.


Depending on the type of test, samples are taken on-site and processed either in our clinic or an external lab.

Lab tests available at our clinic:


  • Full blood work (qualitative or quantitative)
  • Blood typing (abo0 and rh/d), antibody screening
  • Peripheral blood smear staining
  • Urine culture
  • Full urinalysis + sediment
  • Urine cytology
  • Pregnancy test from urine
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood lipids
  • Ions
  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
  • Inflammatory parameters (CRP, WE)
  • Iron balance
  • Vitamin levels (D, B12)
  • PSA tumor marker test (prostate cancer screening)
  • Ca 125+he4 (ovarian cancer test)
  • Ca 15-3 breast cancer marker
  • CEA, Ca 19-9 gastro-intestinal cancer screening
  • Inhalative allergy panel
  • Ingestive allergy panel
  • Hydrogen breath tests (lactose, lactulose, fructose)
  • Histamine intolerance
  • Gynecological hormone panel tests
  • Thyroid hormone tests
  • Insulin resistance test
  • Vaginal fluid smear tests
  • PLGF (part of screening for pre-eclampsia)
  • Beta-HCG, PAPP-A (part of Down syndrome screening)
  • EBV, CMV
  • Streptococcus „A” quick test
  • Influenza quick test
  • HIV detection
  • Hepatitis A, B, C
  • Bacteria culture
  • Immunology tests
  • STD panel testing
  • Lyme disease
  • Calprotectin test
  • Fecal occult blood test
  • Stool culture
  • Stool ova & parasites test

For further lab tests, please ask your treating physician.

We would like to call your attention to the fact that we conduct lab tests only on a doctor’s recommendation and referral, and in order to provide our patients with professional and safe care. It is possible to request lab tests without a visit to an RMC doctor, in which case we ask that you bring a written recommendation or medical chart based on which we can carry out the test. In this case, the results are evaluated by the referring physician; our clinic only informs the physician of the results.


  • Perfect – it literally could not have been better. It was great, especially as previously I had just had a very disappointing experience with a hematologist at another clinic. From now on, if I'm in Hungary I will definitely go to see Dr Batai at RMC. I would also like to thank the administrative team – they were able to answer my medical questions quickly and effectively, and they were able to help me choose the right doctor on that basis. Always helpful, kind and efficient. Superb!
    47-year-old  male patient

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