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Hematology deals with disorders of the hematopoietic and lymphatic tissue. In many cases, hematologic problems are detected during a routine blood test, but the condition of the lymph nodes as well as spleen enlargement may also indicate a problem.


Our physicians are specialized in coagulation disorders and malignant hematological diseases.

When should you visit a hematologist?

  • Diagnosed with a hematologic disease
  • Anemia, inherited or acquired Iron deficiency
  • Blood thinning (anti-coagulation)
  • Enlarged lymph nodes or spleen
  • Pale skin Fatigue, weakness
  • Feeling cold
  • Decreasing ability to concentrate Insomnia
  • Itchy skin, brittle nails
  • Dizziness, headache, feeling faint


In oncological cases, we perform diagnostic examinations such as lab tests, X-ray and ultrasound examinations, and we provide professional opinions and consultations involving various medical subspecialties.


  • We really appreciate the fact that during a difficult illness, we FINALLY found a clinic and a doctor that provided real and honest answers to our long-unanswered questions. Thank you!
    31-year-old  male patient
  • By now, I am relaxed by Doctor Bátai's smile and voice. I see him once a year, but every time he is kind, smiling and patient. His assistant is a kind, smiling lady. She has my full respect in both professional terms and as a person.
    43-year-old  mother
  • Doctor Bátai could serve as an example for all other doctors not just in terms of his professional expertise, but also how he communicates his knowledge to the patient, and how he speaks to his patients.
    45-year-old  IT manager
  • Doctor Bátai's expertise and thoroughness are without parallel. I was completely satisfied. Thank you very much!
    40-year-old  Banker
  • Thank you very much to Doctor Lueff and Dalma for their empathetic, helpful work!
    34-year-old  female patient
  • I encountered a kind and conscientious doctor in the form of Dr Sándor Lueff. He answered all of my questions and explained everything very well.
    36-year-old  female patient
  • Perfect – it literally could not have been better. It was great, especially as previously I had just had a very disappointing experience with a hematologist at another clinic. From now on, if I'm in Hungary I will definitely go to see Dr Batai at RMC. I would also like to thank the administrative team – they were able to answer my medical questions quickly and effectively, and they were able to help me choose the right doctor on that basis. Always helpful, kind and efficient. Superb!
    47-year-old  male patient

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