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What can you expect from RMC?

The highest level of professional expertise
Our team of doctors, who have a wide range of international clinical experience, provide our patients with evidence-based care in line with international health guidelines.


  • Partner-based healthcare
    Our doctors are more than 'men in white coats': our highest goal is to provide direct, collaborative healthcare
  • Collaborative medical team
    At RMC, you are visiting not just one of 100 private medical practices, but an entire team working in close cooperation.
  • We treat the person, not the illness.
    We are committed to preventive medicine: with our comprehensive screening packages that go beyond the scope of individual medical fields, we put the preservation of health and the prevention of disease at the forefront of our care.


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  • You can really see that communication in care is a priority. At RMC, it was the first time in my life that I understood what the doctor was saying and I received reassuring answers, which made me feel calmer.
    40-year-old,  female patient
  • The doctor was really kind! Her professional and human-centered approach was exceptional! Thanks again for your help! I will be happy to visit RMC in the future too!
    41-year-old,  female patient
  • Just like on previous occasions, I was completely satisfied with everything related to my care. Thank you!
    27-year-old,  female patient
  • Doctor Erős was very kind. She was great with both my daughter and myself. Her knowledge of the field is extremely impressive, we received answers to all our questions and she was able to resolve everything. Thank you very much!
    50-year-old,  Entrepreneur
  • Everything was absolutely fine and to me the consultation felt like a friendly conversation.
    46-year-old,  male patient
  • Thank you for the opportunity – I received really high quality care. If the problem reoccurs I will definitely come to RMC. I wish you success in your work and good health!
    49-year-old,  female patient
  • It all went smoothly. The lab informed me on the same day that my sample had arrived. I was already able to review the results by the next morning.
    22-year-old,  Student
  • I got there early but it wasn't a problem: they received me straightaway and we were done in just a few minutes. I will definitely take advantage of this service again.
    31-year-old,  Sales Manager
  • The person who took the blood sample was very helpful, answered all our questions, and completed the task with the utmost professionalism and kindness. Superb!
    37-year-old,  female patient
  • Doctor Vass was very kind, and together with his nurse answered all my questions and examined everything possible.
    41-year-old,  female patient
  • In the current situation, it really helps if you can ask the doctor about preventative measures during the pandemic. She was happy to reply and was very clear, which is really positive.
    37-year-old,  male patient
  • She was comprehensive, paid attention to me, wrote everything down and also sent the information via email too. Other doctors should operate like Emese Kudron. Thank you!
    29-year-old,  female patient
  • I really liked Emese's approach. She was thorough, but got to the point, and offered expert explanations that were also easy to understand. I took my (16-year-old) daughter there for advice, and the doctor was really good at communicating with her.
    34-year-old,  mother
  • I had my operation two months ago, and I am really pleased with the results. I would like to add a special thank you to the assistant, Zsófi, who was with me both before, during and after the operation. Her direct style was really soothing, and she was very empathetic. Everyone at the clinic was very kind, and I will be certain to return.
    34-year-old,  female patient
  • Every doctor and nurse that I met was really kind and helpful. There was also a nice atmosphere during the operation. The doctor (though not the most talkative), explained the options in a very fair and understandable way, as well as the possible complications and advantages and disadvantages, which really helped me to decide.
    41-year-old,  doctor
  • The doctor was very kind, providing precise information about everything, I received answers to all my questions, and even popped in when I was having my bandage changed after I requested it. I wish both the doctor and the company every further success.
    42-year-old,  female patient
  • Dr Éva Bajnok is a really accurate, attentive and considerate doctor! She asked some questions that no other doctor has ever asked so she could fully understand my health situation. She was also very kind and thoughtful. I was completely satisfied with her and also the assistant: she was also incredibly kind, and I hardly noticed when she took the blood sample. I will definitely visit the doctor again! Thank you very much!
    45-year-old,  Marketing Manager
  • Dr Éva Bajnok is the best endocrinologist in Hungary. She examines the patient as a whole, which she says is important because she can treat the (potential) cause of the disease, instead of being satisfied with only treating the symptoms. Healing is important to her (both physical and mental). She has a very positive personality. I recommend her to anyone suffering from thyroid disease!
    52-year-old,  female patient
  • I chose the doctor based on her professional expertise, but her thoroughness and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. I was perfectly satisfied with her and also her assistant. With 'perfect' being the operative word.
    43-year-old,  Teacher
  • I was very satisfied with Doctor Márta Csermely's approach and her professionalism. The environment and the level of hygiene was also excellent.
    30-year-old,  Pediatrician
  • Dr Dorottya Bakó provided patient and professional care for our little boy and we were completely satisfied with her. Thank you for your help!
    29-year-old,  IT Desk Clerk
  • We will definitely be coming back to the dentist here. Her work was extremely precise. She is human-centered and also really understanding.
    38-year-old,  mother
  • She was very kind, conscientious and attentive, I'm glad that I found her.
    32-year-old,  female patient
  • Dorottya Bakó has been treating our little boy's teeth in a professional and amazingly patient way. Thank you very much!
    41-year-old,  male patient
  • I am really satisfied with the doctor. I received conscientious and painless treatment and received satisfactory answers to all my questions. She also provided some kind and funny information about how to brush your teeth carefully. Thank you very much!
    38-year-old,  male patient
  • The doctor carefully explained the situation with my teeth and also drew a picture so I could understand the reason for the treatment more easily. I think this is important and also very useful.
    26-year-old,  Student
  • The staff, doctor and nurse, were very kind and professional. Everyone did a very thorough job. Thank you!
    30-year-old,  male patient
  • Thank you for your professionalism and humanity displayed during my examination. I have been to other private medical centers in the past, but this was a really positive experience. The water and coffee provided was also a nice touch.
    44-year-old,  female patient
  • I would just like to say that the lady at reception was very kind and nice, smiling and helpful. I really appreciated how she dealt with me.
    37-year-old,  female patient
  • Thank you to all the staff at RMC for your attention, it was a real experience to come here for an examination.
    48-year-old,  male patient
  • You can really see that communication in care is a priority. At RMC, it was the first time in my life that I understood what the doctor was saying and I received reassuring answers, which made me feel calmer.
    45-year-old,  Nurse
  • I'm very satisfied! I will come here for all bigger and more extensive examinations! I can only recommend it to everyone! My experience was just like what other people had told me it would be!
    61-year-old,  male patient
  • The environment was perfect, even the cleaning lady was very friendly.
    42-year-old,  male patient
  • The clinic is very people-friendly, the doctors are very well-prepared and understanding!
    46-year-old,  Psychologist
  • I would just like to say that the lady at reception was very kind and nice, smiling and helpful. I really appreciated how she dealt with me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what her name was. In any case I was fully satisfied with everything.
    42-year-old,  male patient
  • The organization (reception) and the medical care was attentive, hygienic, perfect! I was completely satisfied on each occasion! Thank you for this great service!
    36-year-old,  female patient
  • Our family has been to several different doctors. What makes you different from the other private clinics: exceptional team of doctors, good logistics, at the reception they know when you are coming and why, etc.. After one of my tests I received the results via email. The doctor asked me on the phone if I had got them and we discussed what to do next. At Budakeszi Road, for example, it's not the same. I would also point out that you are cheaper than the other private clinics!
    48-year-old,  mother
  • Thank you very much for everything! The environment was very pleasant, everyone was kind! From now on we would like to come to you!
    43-year-old,  Administrator
  • I enjoyed waiting in a place where I could see the staff working here were smiling and happy. There was a feeling of calm and harmony that also transfers to the patient.
    33-year-old,  female patient
  • It has an elegant, cultured environment, and the staff at reception are very attentive! I was completely satisfied with the service! I was able to get an appointment with an extremely knowledgeable and helpful doctor. I was satisfied when I left RMC Clinics.
    44-year-old,  female patient
  • If only all the healthcare institutions in Hungary worked as well as this one. If I need to, I WILL COME BACK HERE!
    28-year-old,  male patient
  • Thank you to the doctor for his help (without even seeing him), and thank you for the kind staff for their helpful attitude.
    31-year-old,  male patient
  • I was completely satisfied with my medical care. Fast, professional administration, everything went well.
    30-year-old,  male patient
  • Thank you very much for everything. I came for an endoscopy under anesthesia. The whole team worked together, the smiling, kind receptionists, and the professionalism and kindness of the doctors and assistants all meant that the procedure was a positive experience for me. Everybody paid lots of attention to me, and I felt as though everything was about me! It was really good, and I will continue to recommend RMC to everybody.
    32-year-old,  female patient
  • Thank you very much. My mother was in good hands, and even though it was an uncomfortable examination, she still said it was a positive experience.
    35-year-old,  male patient
  • The doctor was very empathetic, she also gave her personal contact details, and quickly replied to my question. I am grateful that she was so helpful even though she didn't know us. Thank you!
    41-year-old,  female patient
  • Patient-centered care: my child's care was carried out in a way that my son didn't get scared. I recommend RMC to others!
    46-year-old,  female patient
  • Professor Krisztina Kádár is a phenomenon! I would give her five stars as both a person and a professional!
    36-year-old,  mother
  • I encountered a kind and conscientious doctor in the form of Dr Sándor Lueff. He answered all of my questions and explained everything very well.
    36-year-old,  female patient
  • Thank you very much to Doctor Lueff and Dalma for their empathetic, helpful work!
    34-year-old,  female patient
  • I am really grateful for the fast and smooth carrying out of the Covid test! My journey to my further education depends on it, and the doctor did everything she could to complete the test on time and get the results. Thank you very much!
    25-year-old,  Student
  • When it comes to the doctor, I met a person who wants to understand the problem and to heal the patient.
    33-year-old,  male patient
  • It was the first time I had been to a private clinic. I was amazed by the preciseness, the cleanliness and the overall level of expertise. Dr Elektra Bartha's understanding, way of dealing with me and the whole atmosphere of calm around the examination made me feel at ease. Of course, if there are any problems I won't hesitate to return. I went home completely reassured. Thank you for everything!
    28-year-old,  male patient
  • High level of expertise, super Hungarian doctors!
    35-year-old,  male patient
  • Just like before, I felt in extremely good hands! Thank you for the opportunity, the knowledge and the right approach!
    46-year-old,  Dietitian
  • Thank you for being there to help in this confusing time, when the state healthcare system is canceling every examination! You have taken a great weight off our shoulders!
    56-year-old,  male patient
  • The human, direct tone and personal attention combined with professional expertise really raises the feeling of support and security, it was great!
    51-year-old,  male patient
  • A big thank you: Dr Mireuta was absolutely amazing. We had been attending a Dévény exercise class with our little baby for weeks to little effect, but with a gentle movement Dr Mireuta was able to resolve our baby's problem. We are really grateful to him.
    40-year-old,  mother
  • A special thank you for the special care and attention: they phoned us up to say another patient had canceled their appoint, so I (and my baby) were able to take it. This meant we could have the examination needed much sooner. I would also like to thank Dr Mireuta for his care, from his eye contact to the detailed information and calm manner. Since then, I have recommended both him and RMC to three people I know, two of whom have already booked an appointment. Keep it up, RMC!
    37-year-old,  mother
  • Everyone was kind, smiling and friendly. The clinic was clean and the atmosphere was very nice. The doctor was extremely kind, sympathetic and helpful, and the examination and treatment was very humane. Child and parent friendly. I am very satisfied.
    37-year-old,  father
  • The doctor was very kind and well-prepared. It was good to hear her advice.
    35-year-old,  mother
  • I had an appointment with Dr Tibor Elekes for my third trimester ultrasound. It was a real experience: he commented on each step and was very thorough and precise. I will recommend him to people I know. You can see that not only expectant moms are in safe hands with Doctor Elekes.
    35-year-old,  expectant women
  • Thank you very much for the incredibly precise work. I would especially like to thank Doctor Tibor Elekes and his assistant for the incredible amount of time that they devoted to us during the day yesterday, and that they kept going.
    43-year-old,  expectant women
  • I was completely satisfied with Doctor Weidner both in professional and personal terms and in terms of his communication.
    36-year-old,  female patient
  • I was completely satisfied with the care provided. The staff members are incredibly kind and considerate. During the examination, Doctor Elekes was extraordinarily thorough, and explained everything in detail. Thank you for providing such a high level of care.
    42-year-old,  female patient
  • I was happy with my care. I thought that Doctor Pánczél was very thorough and explained everything. I told the assistant carrying out the blood test that I usually feel bad during it, and she was very patient and kind for the duration. Thank you very much for that.
    31-year-old,  female patient
  • I am really grateful for Dr Áron Fekete's work. He was thorough, well-prepared and extremely empathetic. He is the best doctor I have ever had!
    39-year-old,  female patient
  • The doctor carried out a very detailed and professional examination. His empathetic and patient attitude was a great help. I appreciate the little touches, like preparing a women's nightdress.
    43-year-old,  female patient
  • Thank you very much, I finally received a high level of care that matched the fee for the examination. Unfortunately, this is not common nowadays in the private healthcare system. I was really satisfied with everything. All the staff were very kind, regardless of who I was and why I was there. Good luck with your work!
    32-year-old,  expectant women
  • Dr Anikó Ladányi was exceptionally kind, precise and knowledgeable. She is a very kind and understanding specialist. I am truly grateful to her.
    35-year-old,  female patient
  • Doctor Wágner is great expert, everything was professional. Polite, kind, thoughtful.
    39-year-old,  male patient
  • This is what we want to expect from our healthcare, as the patient feels as though they are given their full attention. This makes it easy to combat any difficulties. Thank you!
    49-year-old,  male patient
  • I was seen by Dr László Wágner (a lady called Dalma was helping), and both the doctor and the lady were extraordinarily polite, kind, helpful and extremely thorough. I am incredibly grateful to them!
    46-year-old,  female patient
  • We were very satisfied, we will go to see Dr Varga again, and we will also recommended him to other people.
    41-year-old,  female patient
  • Everything went smoothly at the reception. Dr Gyula Pánczél examined me carefully and with all due attention. I was very satisfied, thank you very much.
    38-year-old,  male patient
  • Thank you for finding me such a doctor. A great person, and a kind doctor.
    47-year-old,  female patient
  • The attitude of both the staff at reception and the doctor was kind and very helpful. We received detailed information about the condition of the patient, the expected treatment plan and lots of help moving forward. Once again, thank you very much!
    52-year-old,  male patient
  • I wrote that we were very satisfied, and truly, in every sense I received even better care than expected, and for that I am very grateful.
    52-year-old,  male patient
  • I have visited your clinic several times, and everyone was always very kind and helpful, both at the reception and the doctors and nurses. Thank you. It's really nice, in this fast-paced world.
    38-year-old,  female patient
  • We urgently needed a doctor. We managed to see a doctor only four hours after calling. The care was calm and friendly. The doctor and assistant were both very professional.
    36-year-old,  mother
  • We really appreciate the fact that during a difficult illness, we FINALLY found a clinic and a doctor that provided real and honest answers to our long-unanswered questions. Thank you!
    31-year-old,  male patient
  • Doctor Bátai's expertise and thoroughness are without parallel. I was completely satisfied. Thank you very much!
    40-year-old,  Banker
  • By now, I am relaxed by Doctor Bátai's smile and voice. I see him once a year, but every time he is kind, smiling and patient. His assistant is a kind, smiling lady. She has my full respect in both professional terms and as a person.
    43-year-old,  mother
  • Doctor Bátai could serve as an example for all other doctors not just in terms of his professional expertise, but also how he communicates his knowledge to the patient, and how he speaks to his patients.
    45-year-old,  IT manager
  • Thank you for the excellent care, I will come to RMC again!
    31-year-old,  Financial Manager
  • A big thank you to both RMC and Doctor Tácsik for the comprehensive care, I am really grateful to have been treated here!
    47-year-old,  Pharmacist
  • I was in the best hands, and I felt perfectly safe.
    25-year-old,  Advertising and Promotions Manager
  • Thank you for everyone who helped me both before, during and after the operation. I will recommend RMC to other people too.
    40-year-old,  female patient
  • I had a rhinoplasty at the clinic and I was completely satisfied with the care I received. Everyone was very kind. I would like to thank Ágnes Danczig and Szabina for the anesthesia - that I was not ill at all afterwards – Zoltán Doleviczényi and Zsófi – with whom I was in contact from beginning to end and from whom I received the most guidance – and for the beautiful new nose/face. Congratulations to the company for putting together such a committed team.
    29-year-old,  female patient
  • Doctor Szalina is the most human doctor I have ever met. Her empathy and helpfulness know no bounds. Fantastic!
    39-year-old,  male patient
  • The doctor was very human, empathetic and thorough. I was surprised that she took the time to escort patients between the two floors.
    36-year-old,  female patient
  • Doctor Szalina is a fantastic doctor and a treasure for RMC!
    50-year-old,  male patient
  • Both doctor Anikó Bartus and her assistant were very kind and reassuring, I am very thankful!
    37-year-old,  Chemical Engineers
  • I come every year, and the doctor and her assistant always do a great job, I am very grateful, thank you!
    43-year-old,  Web Developer
  • One of our best experiences was at RMC. Dr Fülöp came with a rare, 'old school' medical background and explained everything very thoroughly. We are really glad we found him!
    55-year-old,  male patient
  • The doctor came in on a Sunday morning especially for me. He was very kind, a reassuring presence. He has a huge amount of professional experience and explained everything in detail. I have been seeing him for several years and have always been very satisfied. I hope to be able to count on him for many years to come!
    47-year-old,  female patient
  • Thank you to Dr József Fülöp, his kind assistant and the staff of RMC for helping to improve my condition and relieve my pain.
    39-year-old,  male patient
  • I saw Dr Péter Kóthy, who examined my two children. He was amazingly thorough, kind and patient. Before beginning the examinations, he dissolved their fear and tension with incredible humor and good sense. He treated my children as partners throughout, while explaining everything to me thoroughly and clearly. It was a positive experience. Thank you very much!
    41-year-old,  mother
  • Dr István Hartyánszky's expertise, kindness – and I could go on listing his good qualities – are exemplary. We encountered a very good man.
    60-year-old,  female patient
  • Dr István Hartyánszky reassured my troubled soul with his exceptional empathy, which I thank him for again, and to the RMC staff for the administration before the examination.
    60-year-old,  male patient
  • Dr Dániel Horányi is not only an outstanding doctor, he is also a fantastic person, and a partner in resolving problems. If I could characterize him in one word, it would be 'trust'.
    33-year-old,  expectant women
  • I went to see Doctor Baross for the first time, but not the last! He was very, very thorough, and really paid attention to me (prenatal care). I could sense that he was very professional and precise in his work. The assistant was also very precise! I received 10/10 care!
    29-year-old,  expectant women
  • Thank you for everything and for following my problem to the end.
    35-year-old,  female patient
  • Doctor Gyula Csermely is an outstanding doctor, kind, patient, understanding in his explanations, and offers excellent treatment even if the patient is anxious. He is very thorough, doesn't waste time, and also has a winning personality. You can offer him your complete trust.
    33-year-old,  female patient
  • Everyone was VERY kind to me, I really felt that I received special care. Dr Lovász listened attentively, was flexible in his treatment, given that I came from the countryside (he sent my test results via email) and carefully explored my medical history.
    42-year-old,  male patient