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Dental care for expectant mothers

We recommend having only the most necessary dental work done, and to have it done in the second trimester.

Dental care for expectant mothers

Preparation for pregnancy

„Preparing your teeth” for pregnancy and visiting the dentist when planning a pregnancy is a good idea: replacement of amalgam fillings, for example, should not be timed for during pregnancy due to the harmful effect of the mercury released. Although procedures can also be performed during pregnancy, special isolation is necessary for replacing fillings. With root canal treatments, the dental x-ray for the root filling checkup can be performed with the necessary precautions, using a lead apron covering.


Dental care for expectant mothers

During pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body experiences serious changes in metabolism and hormone balance, and these can affect the mouth, as well. The gums can, for example, become more swollen due to hormonal changes, and bleeding gums can occur more frequently, which unfortunately gives bacteria a good environment to grow.  During pregnancy, it is very important for expectant mothers to pay special attention to the health of their teeth, as well, because the condition and appearance of the mother’s teeth after the child’s arrival will be largely determined by this period.

Recommended dental program:

First trimester: find any problems now

A dental checkup is a required part of the Hungarian pre-natal care protocol, and the first trimester is an ideal time for this. We recommend having teeth cleaned and polished at the same time, because periodontal inflammation is more common during pregnancy, which unfortunately can also affect the baby, as severe inflammation can increase the risk of premature delivery.


Second trimester: time for dental work, if absolutely necessary

During pregnancy, we recommend having only the most necessary dental work done, and to have it done in the second trimester. If treatment can wait, then we always recommend waiting until after the baby is born, but if it can’t wait, the 6th or 7th month is the best time for it.


Third trimester: time for preventive attention

It’s worthwhile to have one more checkup to find out now whether the pregnancy had any effect on your teeth, and not to wait until they hurt. Having a cleaning is worth doing now, too, because after the baby is born we generally experience that the mother will not have time to visit the dentist, so in this way she can sure she’s covered.

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