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Flu Vaccination

Every year, flu virus causes an epidemic between November and March, and without vaccination, it can threaten the lives of thousands.

Flu Vaccination

The flu virus spreads through droplet transmission and is highly resistant to environmental factors. Of the three known strains, A and B are the most common. These strains consist of viruses that mutate rapidly, changing almost every year to the extent that previously received vaccines become ineffective against them. This is why annual vaccination is essential. New vaccines, introduced each autumn, are designed to protect against the currently prevalent virus sub-strains, usually until the next summer.

Who is at risk of flu?

Even a healthy adult can be debilitated by flu for weeks and the virus can lead to serious complications in at-risk individuals. The most vulnerable include the elderly and those with immune deficiency syndromes.

It is also crucial for people with asthma, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and heart diseases to receive the vaccine annually.

Why do children need vaccination?

Children under the age of 2 are strongly suggested to receive the vaccination because their immune systems and defenses are not yet fully developed. The four-component Vaxigrip Tetra vaccine, available at RMC Clinics' vaccination center, is recommended for them as it offers comprehensive protection for children as young as 6 months.

Vaccinating preschool and school-age children is crucial not only for their own health but also for the safety of the entire family. Adults often contract upper respiratory tract infections from children who bring these illnesses home from nurseries and educational institutions. By vaccinating both yourself and your children, you shield the older, more vulnerable family members by establishing the so-called 'nest immunity'.

When should you get the flu vaccine?

For the autumn 2023 season, the four-component vaccines have already been stocked at the RMC vaccination center. Vaccination appointments are available starting from mid-October. Experts recommend getting vaccinated a few weeks before the onset of the winter epidemic season. This also applies to children, people over 60, pregnant women, and women who are planning to have a baby.

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