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D.D. Márta Csermely

D.D. Márta Csermely

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About me

I graduated from Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1989. I then completed specializations in dental and oral diseases, and orthodontics. In 2001, I gained the qualification of Medical Manager at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Szeged. I graduated from International Business School as an organization development supervisor in 2010. I completed a qualification to be a craniosacral therapist at CCST in London, and have also been an instructor for the system for the last three years. I have more than 30 years of experience as an orthodontist. I have been working as both a supervisor and an expert in alternative therapies for more than ten years.

My main field of interest is the functioning of the temporomandibular joint and related disorders. At RMC, in addition to my fellow dentists, I also work closely with my logopedic, chiropractor and ENT colleagues, as dental work can only be truly effective if the body as a whole is healthy. My work – in line with my world view – reflects a holistic approach.

I am constantly educating myself, lifelong learning is in my blood. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time in nature, and I love Lake Balaton and the sea.  I have two adult children, and spending time with them and the rest of my family is my greatest happiness. 

They said about me

The doctor carefully explained the situation with my teeth and also drew a picture so I could understand the reason for the treatment more easily. I think this is important and also very useful.
26-year-old  Student

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