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Dental Center

In our dental center we care not only for the health of your teeth, but also for the beauty of your smile.

Dental Center

During the preparation, planning, and implementation phases and beyond, our goal is harmony of function & esthetics, whether you are getting a filling, an implant, or orthodontic treatment. In addition to the full range of dental care, we offer our patients special services, such as maxillo-facial surgery, as well as temporomandibular joint balancing therapy. We pay special attention to prevention, and use several procedures that provide teeth with long-term protection. We also pay particular attention to dental health during pregnancy and after delivery.

We are unique in that we rely on the expertise of 95 doctors working in 49 different specialties: from gastroenterology and ear-nose-throat to musculoskeletal therapies. For us, complex dental care includes not only dental expertise, but expertise in related areas; this is what makes our center unique. 

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