Speech therapy, swallowing therapy, myofunctional trainer

In many cases, speech defects develop because the tongue, teeth and jaw are out of position or alignment, so various swallowing dysfunctions and disorders in pronunciation can appear.

Speech therapy, swallowing therapy, myofunctional trainer

Our speech therapist-speech teacher can offer assistance in solving these swallowing problems and speech defects, and not only for children. Adults may also need assistance, if the problem was not dealt with during childhood, but it can also develop at any time if changes to the dental arch, temporomandibular joint, or chewing muscles take place.

Myofunctional trainer for quitting childhood thumb sucking, and for proper chewing, mouth and tongue movements

With young children, we use a very modern, innovative tool called a myofunctional trainer. The proper, regular and harmonious development of the face and teeth can be negatively influenced by poor eating processes, improper chewing, improper mouth and tongue movements and various bad habits. One of the most harmful habits is ´overage’ thumb-sucking and pacifier use in children: it can result in an open bite, improper breathing and tongue-thrust, which can become the source of many problems later on, so it must be treated.

Why is it important to treat improper joint and muscle function and „bad habits”?

  • tongue thrust swallowing can result in a bite abnormality and tooth growth problems, and speech defects can develop (e.g.: crossbite, dental arches tilting outwards or inwards, lisping, etc.)
  • temporomandibular joint dysfunctions can result in malformations of the spine, neck and head region
  • this can also lead to tooth decay, gum inflammation, loosening of the teeth or even loss of teeth.

What can the myofunctional trainer help with?

  • quitting pacifier sucking when the child is „too old”
  • correcting the positions of growing teeth
  • preparation for and reduction of orthodontic treatment length
  • proper jaw development
  • stopping tongue thrust
  • correcting temporomandibular joint dysfunctions and improper muscle function


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