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M.D. Eszter Judit Papp

M.D. Eszter Judit Papp

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About me

I believe that the background of our physical symptoms must be examined and supported holistically, in the unity of body, soul and spirit. I believe that illnesses should be prevented as much as possible, but if a condition has already developed, it is only from this threefold perspective that it is worth starting to reverse it and, if possible, with natural and quality helpers. In the case of parents, taking the time to understand what and why they should do for themselves and their children.

I graduated from Semmelweis Medical University in 1999 and started my career at Heim Pál Hospital. In 2009, I qualified in general infant medicine and paediatrics, and in 2014 in paediatric cardiology. Afterwards, I worked in the hospital caring for intact and somatically handicapped children with cystic fibrosis in state care until 2021. 

I first became acquainted with the world of psychology through the birth of my own children. In 2012, I studied Integrated Parent-Infant Counselling at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and from 2014 I studied Family Counselling at Wesley John College of Pastoral Studies. It was then that I realized how our misinterpreted thoughts or life situations can have a limiting and restrictive effect on the whole life of a child. Disabling them to fulfilling all their potential and soaring in life.

For this reason, I try to learn techniques that help rewrite the thoughts and feelings that have gone awry in the human mind, to turn lives for the better. For instance, sleep talk, child coaching, hypnosis (I am a Certified Hypnotherapist from the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta and the Hungarian Hypnosis Academy). Then I was introduced to the world of essential oils, which immediately captivated me. All the more so because they can be used not only to influence the body and physical sensations, but also the difficulties of the soul. So, from 2016 onwards, I took a series of courses at the Panarom Aromatherapy Institute. I have been in love with scents ever since, shifting me gradually towards herbs and other natural remedies. I am currently studying to become a Phytotherapist.

Besides all this, between 2010 and 2021, I also worked part-time in the night and weekend childcare centers of Interambulance Health and Services Ltd. Alkotás út private clinic, Svábhegyi Paediatric Institute, and Doktor24 Medicina Zrt as a pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist.

They said about me

Dr. Eszter was very polite doctor, explained everything and more! The clinic at it's best, as always!
36-year-old  mother

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