iTOP (individually trained oral prophylaxis) treatment series

The term iTOP refers to a treatment series where we provide our patients with personalized oral hygiene advice and hands-on instruction.

iTOP (individually trained oral prophylaxis) treatment series

The main goal of the treatment is to personally teach you the proper oral care habits to practice at home. Because no two people have the same teeth, the design and maintenance of the best oral hygiene program can only be achieved with personalized tools and techniques.

To whom do we recommend it and when?

Essentially, for everyone: maintaining healthy gums is beneficial for everybody, as it can prevent the possible development of later periodontal disease, as well as the accompanying focal infections.

Healthy gums, healthy body: if you don't learn to master the right oral care habits, gum inflammation can appear as a focal point in the body and cause the development of secondary focal infections. These infections include endocarditis, vasoconstriction, inflammation around joint prostheses, diabetes, respiratory and lung disease, and pregnancy complications such as low birth weight, preterm birth, gestational hypertension, and toxemia.

Even more highly recommended for:

  • Patients with periodontal disease
  • Patients undergoing major dental reconstruction (as part of a complex treatment plan)
  • Patients with higher general or dental-related risk (diabetes, smoking, implant implantation with major bone replacement)

Timetable, duration of treatment

iTOP can be offered as part of a patient’s overall dental treatment or as a stand-alone treatment program for patients who usually attend dental hygiene sessions once or twice a year.

Before undergoing iTOP treatment, it is a good idea to undergo a professional dental hygiene session – and also a dental check-up, if necessary. The first iTOP consultation will analyze your current oral care habits and provide you with basic oral hygiene information. You will learn how best to use a hand-held toothbrush and interdental brushes, combined with Touch to Teach hands-on instruction.

After two weeks of practice at home, the second iTOP consultation will analyze the oral care habits you have learnt. This time, there will be an opportunity to refine your technique and learn about special additional oral hygiene tools.

In order to maintain healthy gums in the long run, we recommend having your oral care habits checked every 3 to 12 months, if necessary in combination with a dental hygiene session.

What results can you expect from iTOP treatment?

A wide range of medical issues can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene:

  • Prevention of tooth and gum disease: inflammation-free, painless, healthy, non-bleeding gums
  • Prevention of periodontal disease (reducing the risk of tooth loss due to periodontal disease)
  • Good oral hygiene is also a key factor in preventing further progression of existing periodontal disease.
  • Prevention of the development of secondary focal infections linked to dental issues

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