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Newborn care at RMC

A newborn baby’s life can be very busy in terms of visits to the doctor, as many screenings and vaccines take place at this time. Parents are also likely to require advice and reassurance, and it is best if this comes from a medical specialist.

Newborn care at RMC

Our comprehensive newborn screening package is carried out according to both Hungarian and international accepted practices, and comprises the most important tests and examinations for babies up to one year of age. During the consultations, we monitor the baby’s growth, screen for potential anomalies and provide them with required vaccines, as well as offering professional advice to the parents.

Well child care consists of:

  • Comprehensive pediatric physical examination
  • Hearing test up to one month
  • Complex ultrasound screening
  • Foot and spinal abnormalities screening
  • Screening for spina bifida
  • Examination of inguinal areas, testes and hernia (screening for undescended testes)
  • Screening to check for abdominal lumps, enlarged spleen or liver
  • Opthalmologic screening
  • Screening for optic nerve tumors
  • Screening for strabismus (crossed eyes)
  • Examination of eye muscles and eye test
  • Measurement of skull: screening for large or small head
  • Examination of recesses located above the skin of the coccyx (tail bone)
  • Femoral artery pulse measurement: exclusion of heart defects and aortic stenosis
  • Screening for heart rate disturbances and identification of heart murmurs
  • Examination of palate: checking for soft or hard palates and screening for cleft palates
  • Frenulum screening
  • Dental screening and advice
  • Recording of family and individual medical history
  • Screening for physical and neurological disorders
  • Tracking the child’s growth and development
  • Referral to a specialist as required
  • Basic movement screening
  • Administration of obligatory preventative vaccines: against pneumococcus (Prevenar) and DtaP-Ipv-Hib (Pentaxim)
  • Advice regarding optional vaccines
  • RMC Health Ed medical advice and the most important age-specific information
  • Comprehensive radiology screening: hip, cranial and abdomen ultrasounds
  • Dental check-up when first tooth erupts
  • Consultation with the opthalmologist

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