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3+1 reasons why sport reduces anxiety

3+1 reasons why sport reduces anxiety

The tension of recent months, the fear of the coronavirus and changed biorhythms have taken their toll on many of us. In order to come to terms with these issues, we need to pay particular attention to our psychological wellbeing as a prolonged period of stress can contribute to the development of a number of illnesses.  People who lead stressful lives are at greater risk of high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, acid reflux, migraines, tension headaches and heart disease, while the weakened immune system also means less protection against colds and viruses. There is also a greater risk of developing anxiety, depression and panic disorders.

With the help of our endocrinologist Dr Éva Bajnok, we explain why exercise is a great way to reduce stress.


  1. Releases the happiness hormone

Sport boosts endorphin production, which improves mood and makes us feel happier. Endorphins act against anxiety and depression, contribute to the efficient operation of the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and reduce stress.

  1. Reduces the level of stress hormones

Physical exercise helps reduce production of stress hormones: adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. In the long term, a high level of these hormones can cause anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, headaches, heart and circulatory problems, sleep disorders, weight gain and problems with memory and concentration. 

  1. Promotes physical and mental balance

Exercise makes us feel stronger and healthier as it increases our energy. In addition, we will find it easier to cope with the problems and challenges of everyday life and to remain calm and clear-headed. We will also experience an increase in self-esteem.

+1 Helps your sleep

Stress can disturb your sleep, while a lack of sleep can also increase your stress levels. Regular physical exercise can help you both fall asleep quicker and have a calmer and more relaxing night's sleep, so sport can help you avoid the vicious cycle of stress and lack of sleep.

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