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Doing sports when overweight - what to look out for

4 tips from our weight loss specialist Dr Éva Bajnok

Doing sports when overweight - what to look out for

Have you decided to get in shape and switch to a healthy lifestyle? In addition to a good diet, exercise is essential if you want to lose weight.

Our specialist in bariatric (weight loss) medicine, Dr Éva Bajnok, recommends the following if you want to start exercising while overweight.

  1. Start with a general medical check-up

If you are exercising when overweight, it is important to be aware of your general state of health and any hidden health issues and risks. Before you start exercising, you should undergo a full check-up, where you will be advised on your health status and referred for further examinations if necessary.

  1. Don't let weight loss be your only motivation

Losing weight makes you feel better physically and mentally and is a very important step on your journey to a healthy life, but it is not just about watching your waistline. Find a sport you enjoy doing, you can look forward to and that you can happily incorporate into your daily life.


  1. Choose a gentler form of exercise

Choose a sport that doesn't put too much strain on your joints and heart. Start with shorter workouts and gradually put more strain on your body. Walking, cycling, swimming, water gymnastics and dancing are all great choices. 

  1. Get professional assistance

Visit a personal trainer or go to group classes to make sure you do the exercises properly. Our Sports Screening package assigns you a personal trainer to assess your motor system and fitness level before putting together a 30-day training plan. Be careful using home workout videos, particularly those of high intensity. With these videos, it is difficult to gauge whether you are doing the exercise properly, which can be particularly dangerous if you are overweight or put stress on your body unevenly.


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