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Dietetics after pregnancy

Not only pregnancy, but the period following it are extremely important in regard to nutrition, and require special attention, which can be made easier with professional help.

Dietetics after pregnancy

The postpartum and breastfeeding periods place great demands on the mother’s system, so getting sufficient vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is indispensible. While the baby gets everything it needs through the mother’s milk, this means it is being taken from the mother’s body, which could suffer a deficiency if these materials are not adequately supplemented. All this can further worsen the new mother’s fitness and vitality in the tiring initial months.

The other question in this period is concern about losing the extra weight gained during pregnancy. Between the extremes of „I’ll lose the weight after I stop breastfeeding” and „6 weeks after delivery I won’t have an extra ounce on me” there is a golden mean that can be achieved with an appropriate, well-planned diet. This supports not only the mother’s physical health, but her psychological health as well.

There are special cases, for example is the nursing infant is allergic to something, where the mother needs to remove certain foods from her diet while breastfeeding. The task then is to determine all the foods that need to be avoided (there are foods we would not even suspect contain, for example, dairy products), and find substitutes foods when possible so that the special diet is not such a sacrifice, and vitamin and nutrient needs can also be cared for.

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