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We deal with problems concerning the organ of hearing and balancing, the ear, as well as nasal and sinus diseases, throat (pharynx, larynx), mouth and salivary gland problems, vocal disorders and allergic complaints.


When should you visit an ENT specialist?

  • ear congestion, pain, itchiness, bleeding, discharge, buzzing, injury
  • hearing problems, sudden hearing loss, dizziness
  • nose congestion, dryness, runny nose, discharge, bleeding, injury
  • sneezing, allergy
  • snoring
  • throat problems, hoarseness, lump sensation
  • tonsil problems
  • swallowing problems
  • vocal cord inflammation
  • oncological problems, swelling of the neck
  • skin tumors on the head or neck requiring surgery

Insertion of grommets (tympanostomy tubes) for children:

The insertion of grommets, or ear tubes, is now available as part of our range of outpatient surgery procedures. This ENT (ear-nose-throat) treatment is available for children and is an effective way of treating otitis media with effusion (OME), otherwise known as glue ear. Click here to find out more

Hearing tests and screenings are available in our highly modern examination room. Our ENT specialists treat adults and children above the age of 2 years. ENT problems of children under the age of 2 years are treated by our pediatricians. In our Center for Pediatrics, an otoacoustic emission test is also available which primarily serves as the hearing examination for infants under the age of one year.


  • I was completely satisfied with my medical care. Fast, professional administration, everything went well.
    30-year-old  male patient
  • Thank you to the doctor for his help (without even seeing him), and thank you for the kind staff for their helpful attitude.
    31-year-old  male patient
  • If only all the healthcare institutions in Hungary worked as well as this one. If I need to, I WILL COME BACK HERE!
    28-year-old  male patient
  • I was/am completely satisfied. If only I had asked for an appointment earlier, then they could have treated my issue earlier too. Next time I won't wait.
    36-year-old  male patient

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