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Invisalign First - transparent aligners now available for young children

Invisalign, the transparent aligners available at RMC, are special devices that can almost imperceptibly perfect your smile. We have some great news: this orthodontic treatment is now available for younger children at RMC!

Invisalign First - transparent aligners now available for young children

Invisalign First can be used for children aged six and above. The creators of Invisalign First took great care to ensure the aligners are able to effectively correct issues in the dental arch, even when the child's teeth and jaw are still growing. The treatment process takes into account the extensive range of possible development of the dental arch, including both simple and more complex issues (e.g. crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, narrow dental arch).

Just like all other Invisalign devices, Invisalign First aligners are made from a transparent material, can be removed at any time and are easy to clean. As well as being more comfortable for children, Invisalign aligners are also more hygienic than conventional orthodontic braces.

Another advantage is that they produce reliable results, as the dental arch can be assessed using a digital scanner to ensure the treatment process can be easily planned. This means that the orthodontist can take the specific needs of the child into account and develop the ideal plan to perfect their smile.

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