Invisible aligners, specially designed for you!

Our Invisalign aligners are now completely tailor-made. Unlike before, you can now choose from five different treatment methods depending on what kind of smile you need. Let's take a look at Invisalign's innovative range of treatments!

Invisible aligners, specially designed for you!
  • Invisalign Full

The basic treatment, where a series of invisible aligners are used to imperceptibly straighten the entire dental arch.

  • Invisalign Lite

This solution is suitable for minor tooth crowding and space issues. Of course, the aligners are still crystal clear and removable.

Invisalign First can be used for children aged six and above. The creators of Invisalign First took great care to ensure the aligners are able to effectively correct issues in the dental arch, even when the child's teeth and jaw are still growing. 

  • Invisalign Teen

For our younger patients we recommend our Invisalign Teen service, which also takes into account age-specific development.

  • Invisalign i7

This special solution has been developed for smaller tooth movements and has a maximum treatment time of three months.


If you would like to imperceptibly transform and perfect your smile with easy to remove/clean aligners,  book an appointment now with our orthodontist, Dr Márta Csermely. During the consultation you will find out which of the above treatment types is most suitable for you.

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