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Allergy and asthma treatment during pregnancy

The body’s hormone balance changes during pregnancy, and this affects the intensity of any existing allergies.

Allergy and asthma treatment during pregnancy

Expectant mothers with allergies usually cannot continue taking the same medications they have taken previously. However, this does not mean that during the pregnancy they have no choice but to put up with constant stuffy nose, itchy eyes, rashes and other allergy symptoms.

Our allergist can help expectant mothers who have allergies in the following ways:

  • Allergy treatment with medication: She looks through the medications you have been taking and chooses the therapeutic options and local products (over-the-counter medications can also have very strong effects) that can also be safely used during pregnancy.
  • Dietary advising: There are many misconceptions regarding diet during pregnancy. Fashion diets and pseudo-natural diets can even be harmful to the baby. Our allergist provides the expectant mother with personally-tailored allergy-specific dietary advice.
  • Allergy prevention for the baby: With the parents’ participation, the doctor becomes familiar with the medical history and the list of allergens that tend to cause symptoms, and provides the parents with dietary and lifestyle advice to reduce the baby’s chances of developing allergic symptoms in the future.
  • Adjusting asthma medication: In this period it is especially important to keep asthma under control, which means that the mother has no complaints or symptoms and has good lung function parameters. The baby’s oxygen supply also depends on the mother’s. Along with adjusting the medications that can be taken during pregnancy, lifestyle advice is also an integral part of the allergist visit recommended for our asthmatic expectant mothers.

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