Nephrology, or renal medicine, is a specialty that concerns itself with kidney function and dysfunction, and is a specialty belonging to internal medicine.


Kidney disease requiring surgical interventions, diseases of the urinary tract and disorders of the male reproductive system are areas covered by the urology specialty.

The main tasks of the kidneys are: excreting toxins, ions and fluid; maintaining the correct acid-base balance in the body; participating in the regulation of blood pressure; being responsible for blood production; influencing bone metabolism; and playing a role in glucose regulation.

When should you contact a nephrologist?

  • If you experience acute deterioration of kidney function or renal failure
  • If you have chronic renal failure
  • If you have a high serum potassium level
  • If you have protein and / or blood in the urine
  • If you have fluid retention (edema) or reduced urine volume
  • If you are looking for the reason for or symptoms of high blood pressure (especially if renal function is impaired or if there is a possibility of renal artery stenosis)
  • If you are diabetic, if there is detectable protein excretion and/or deterioration of kidney function
  • In order to test for and treat urinary tract infections (especially if recurring), or pyelonephritis (renal pelvis inflammation)
  • If you have an immune disease in which the kidneys are affected (e.g. lupus – SLE)
  • If you have an inherited renal disease (e.g. polycystic kidney disease)


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