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Pediatric Urology

At our pediatric urology clinic, we deal with all problems related to the urinary system from birth onwards.

Pediatric Urology

Common issues include foreskin disorders, abnormalities in the development of the urethra, foreskin infections, kidney stones, labial adhesion and urinary tract infections. It is incredibly important that any urological complaints are detected and treated in time as they can quickly lead to serious complications.

When should you consult a pediatric urologist?

  • Foreskin obstruction (phimosis), foreskin adhesion, foreskin infections
  • Developmental abnormalities from birth of the kidneys or the genitourinary organs
  • Urination issues, bedwetting, urinary incontinence
  • Cramping pain in lower back and kidneys
  • Blood in urine
  • For girls, labial adhesion
  • For boys, undescended testes, swelling of the scrotum on one or both sides

Tests and procedures available at the clinic:

  • Loosening of foreskin in the event of foreskin adhesion, surgical removal if necessary
  • Examination of urinary discomfort


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