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Chiropractic or locomotor therapy is a natural therapy that deals not with treating symptoms, but with their causes. Its philosophy is that a properly functioning spine and a healthy lifestyle can ensure the body’s long-term health and resistance.


In what cases should we turn to a chiropractor?

  • Lower back pain (lumbago), sciatica, spinal hernia and disc problems
  • Neck and back pain
  • Scoliosis, difficulty breathing
  • Pain and numbness in lower and upper limbs
  • Headache, migraine, dizziness, tinnitus
  • During pregnancy and after childbirth, joint and muscular pain
  • Lactation problems


  • A big thank you: Dr Mireuta was absolutely amazing. We had been attending a Dévény exercise class with our little baby for weeks to little effect, but with a gentle movement Dr Mireuta was able to resolve our baby's problem. We are really grateful to him.
    40-year-old  mother
  • A special thank you for the special care and attention: they phoned us up to say another patient had canceled their appoint, so I (and my baby) were able to take it. This meant we could have the examination needed much sooner. I would also like to thank Dr Mireuta for his care, from his eye contact to the detailed information and calm manner. Since then, I have recommended both him and RMC to three people I know, two of whom have already booked an appointment. Keep it up, RMC!
    37-year-old  mother
  • Everyone was kind, smiling and friendly. The clinic was clean and the atmosphere was very nice. The doctor was extremely kind, sympathetic and helpful, and the examination and treatment was very humane. Child and parent friendly. I am very satisfied.
    37-year-old  father
  • Dr Mireuta is a marvel. We are really grateful for the treatment in relation to my daughter's neck issue. So much so that the adult members of our family will also visit him.
    35-year-old  female patient
  • My daughter and I experienced fantastic care. Five months of suffering were resolved in an instant thanks to the doctor's treatment. We are terribly grateful!
    47-year-old  mother
  • The doctor was impeccable in both professional and human terms, my little son watched with interest without the slightest sign of fear.
    37-year-old  mother

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