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Immunology is a standalone specialty within the branch of internal medicine. Most diseases and conditions related to immunology are systematic, which means that they can be present in several different organs at the same time.


With these kinds of illnesses, therefore, the cooperation of different specialists is particularly important.

Main areas:

  • Examining possible causes of infertility and multiple miscarriages
  • Examining possible causes of joint pain related to the immune system
  • Examining fevers and high temperatures of unknown origin
  • Examining possible causes of fatigue, hair loss or general discomfort
  • Examining possible causes of recurring or long-term infectious diseases
  • Consultation to discuss immunology test results


  • When it comes to the doctor, I met a person who wants to understand the problem and to heal the patient.
    33-year-old  male patient
  • I am really grateful for the fast and smooth carrying out of the Covid test! My journey to my further education depends on it, and the doctor did everything she could to complete the test on time and get the results. Thank you very much!
    25-year-old  Student

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