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Infectious disease medicine

Infectious disease medicine is the specialty dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, and has developed into an independent subspecialty within internal medicine.

Infectious disease medicine

The specialty is closely connected to epidemiology and the prevention of infectious disease. Because infectious diseases essentially affect the entire body, our infectious disease specialist works together with physicians from several other medical specialties; if the treatment requires it, we offer our patients assistance involving several doctors.

When should we see an infectious disease specialist?

  • After initial surgical care of an animal bite – to determine the necessity of shots for rabies and tetanus, choose and administer antibiotics
  • Following surgical care for any type of wound, in order to determine the risk of tetanus and/or administer shots
  • Alongside pre-natal care, for prevention of congenital fetal infections, serological blood tests as needed, and immunizations
  • For patients who are older or have weakened immune systems, alongside internal medicine treatment
  • In the case of chronic liver disease
  • If there is a suspicion of a parasitic infection (e.g. persistent diarrhea, intestinal helminthes)
  • If there is a suspicion of infection (e.g. urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections)
  • In the event of frequent travel to foreign tropical countries
  • For immunization of those exposed to a workplace risk
  • To carry out an adult immunization plan (e.g. repeated immunizations)


  • When it comes to the doctor, I met a person who wants to understand the problem and to heal the patient.
    33-year-old  male patient
  • I am really grateful for the fast and smooth carrying out of the Covid test! My journey to my further education depends on it, and the doctor did everything she could to complete the test on time and get the results. Thank you very much!
    25-year-old  Student

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