Mental Crisis Center

The situation created by the coronavirus epidemic is new to all of us. Our way of life has been turned upside down, and our everyday routines have changed completely.

Mental Crisis Center

Our living spaces have become smaller, and we are spending a lot more time indoors, either with our close families or alone. We are also having to give up a lot of things that help reduce stress and contribute to our mental wellbeing. We are concerned for the health of ourselves and our loved ones, and the future is shrouded in uncertainty.

This whole situation can be very hard to process and deal with. We all need a greater level of emotional support. In Hungary, the attitude of "I'm not going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist because I'm not crazy" still persists. But that is not what psychological support and help is about! A psychologist or psychiatrist is a specialist who can help provide you with tools that help you to organize the thoughts or fears in your head, to help you process them and let them go.

Psychologists and psychiatrists offer professional support that can help you cope more easily with difficult situations or predicaments. People who have received treatment at RMC Clinics have often said "Why didn't I come earlier? It really helped a lot!" With regards to the current coronavirus epidemic, we advise you not to neglect your emotional state, your psychological wellbeing. It has never been so difficult to deal with everyday events. Experts have compared the current situation to a war. We must look after ourselves, and not be afraid to ask for professional assistance in this difficult time.

We should also pay particular attention to children. Children either don't express or find it hard to express their feelings. They often do not know how to deal with a particular situation, and often have strong feelings hidden beneath the surface. Furthermore, when we are preoccupied with our own difficulties in the current crisis, it can also be harder to notice issues lying deep within them.

Our psychologists, child psychologists and psychiatrists are available for consultations online. In many cases, just one or two visits are enough. It is not always necessary to begin a long series of therapy sessions.

When do we definitely recommend booking a consultation?

  • If you are experiencing a general sense of worry, fear and anxiety
  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
  • A general feeling of disinterest, regularly experiencing bad moods and depression
  • Reduced ability to concentrate
  • You feel like you need some psychological support
  • Your child isn't speaking, has become closed off, has changed his or her behavior, or has difficulty sleeping

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Any questions before booking an appointment?

If you are unsure which doctor to see or what examination you require, we are here to help!

Simply request a free callback from one of our personal appointment managers, who will help you find the right specialist based on your specific issue.

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