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Invisalign First: Orthodontic treatment for younger children too!

Invisalign First is a removable, easy-to-clean orthodontic tool especially designed for children aged eight to ten.

Invisalign First: Orthodontic treatment for younger children too!

What do you need to know about Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is a transparent aligner that helps create the space required for the lower and upper incisors to emerge. It is a good idea to start treatment in the later stage of the transition to adult teeth, when most of the milk teeth have fallen out but there are still a few left in the child's mouth.


What happens to the mouth during orthodontic treatment?

As you can see in the animation, we develop a narrow dental arch into a wider one. Without treatment, the arch would remain narrow and there would not be enough space for the remaining teeth to 'erupt' (come out).



Why is it a good idea to start orthodontic treatment in childhood?

By providing a wider dental arch to create plenty of space for erupting teeth, we can prevent later congestion of permanent teeth. The remaining teeth erupt in a much better position than without treatment. This will help you significantly reduce the duration any future orthodontic treatment or even avoid it all together.

In addition to helping achieve better balance in your child's dental arch, the Invisalign system can also help with more complex corrections. It can calibrate underbites and overbites, and also help move the lower jaw move forward. If functional defects (e.g. short lingual frenulum, tongue thrust) are detected at a young age, then orthodontic treatment can assist with and speed up the treatment process – which is great news for children and parents alike!


Why are Invisalign aligners preferable to conventional braces?

Invisalign is an innovative, painless orthodontic method that uses aligners which are tailor-made to treat the individual parameters of specific patients. Because they are removable, both the aligners and the child's teeth are easy to clean. And because they are transparent, they are suitable for all lifestyles and life situations. The lack of metal means they are virtually invisible to other people and helps you avoid any discomfort or inconvenience.


Márta Csermely D.D.

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