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Screening tests and oral hygiene treatments

During the dental checkup we determine which treatments are needed to restore or maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Screening tests and oral hygiene treatments

This thorough examination covers not only existing and developing problems, but we also keep in mind esthetics, and the mouth and jaw as a whole. Part of every screening checkup is oral hygiene advising, and training as needed. You should come for checkups every six months, when you can also have a professional cleaning done, if needed to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

The examination contains the following steps:

  1. First, we complete an extra-oral exam, where we examine the face and neck, comparing both sides.

  2. Next we feel around the neck and submandibular region, looking for any enlarged lymph nodes.

  3. This is followed by a full examination of the mouth: the upper and lower teeth, gums, cheeks, floor of the mouth, palate, and then the sublingual space.

  4. We also perform a periodontal disease assessment for patients over the age of 40.

  5. We always carry out a panoramic X-ray (except in the case of expectant mothers).

  6. A local X-ray is taken for any teeth that have root canal treatment, or if there is evidence of an incomplete root filling or periapical inflammation on the OPG scan.

  7. We will prepare the treatment plan(s) after considering all the available information. Treatment plans are prepared at the request or in consultation with the patient, either for the whole mouth, a requested region, or in order of priority.

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