Pandemic protocol

This is how we provide health care for our patients during the pandemic.

Pandemic protocol


Please note that – in line with the government's epidemiological rules – at RMC, we continue to ask that all our patients wear masks. Patients arriving to our clinic without masks will be provided with surgical masks at reception.


Pre-trage is a pre-screening process where we filter out suspected cases of coronavirus from patients who visit us in person. The typical symptoms are fever, a runny nose, sore throat, coughing, vomiting and diarrhea.

At RMC, the objective of the pre-triage process is to create safe conditions for both our patients and staff so we can provide care for all our patients at the right time.


  • Pre-visit information:
    • At our specialist clinic of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, as well as the Fetal Medicine Center and the Dental Center, we treat our symptomatic patients separately from healthy patients if they require urgent examinations.
    • At our other clinics, we can treat patients suspected of having Covid either through an online consultation, or alternatively in person after a negative antigen rapid test carried at the RMC before the visit. The price of the rapid test in this case is HUF 5,000. Naturally, we are in any case available for online consultations, if requested.  

  • Answering questions about your Covid symptoms at the RMC reception if you come for an in-person visit
  • Temperature taken, hand disinfection

If the patient has someone accompanying them, that person will also have their temperature taken and be required to answer the pre-screening questions.


  • Patients should keep a reasonable distance from each other (at least one meter) when waiting in the clinic.
  • All our patients are required to wear masks. Patients arriving to our clinic without masks will be provided with surgical masks at reception.
  • Children younger than six, as well as people who have a learning or psychosocial disability or who are on the autism spectrum, are not required to wear a mask. Patients being cared for in the ward of our Same Day Surgery Center are also not required to wear a mask.
  • Hand disinfection is mandatory at check-in.
  • With children, we will ask them if they are able to put the mask on. If they say are willing, they can put the mask on (usually this works with children aged around six and above). If they do not wish to wear the mask, we will not force the issue. With very young children, we kindly ask parents to cover the baby carrier with a cloth.
  • Other than during the necessary physical examination, we will continuously maintain a minimum distance of one meter from the patient whenever possible.
  • We also continuously ventilate the common areas. This means the third-floor terrace door will also be left open, but the terrace space itself is out of bounds.
  • We comply with the intensified official cleaning requirements set out in response to the pandemic threat.
  • Our employees also work in compliance with strict safety rules and wear the mandatory personal protective equipment. They are also not permitted to work if they are showing symptoms of illness.


We offer a professional online service to patients in all cases where we can provide a comprehensive medical consultation online. If this is not possible – because the medical specialist believes a face-to-face consultation is required – we are still able to receive patients at the clinic with the highest level of safety and in line with our strict clinical procedure.

IV. PCR test, Covid-19 antigen rapid test and serological testing 

The Covid-19 test and antigen rapid test, as well as serological testing, are available at RMC. PCR and antigen rapid tests confirm a current infection. Serological tests show if someone has previously caught the virus and has already recovered from it, even if they were asymptomatic.

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